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We at Bonfire in the Mud and USA Concerts understand there are mixed emotions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, but to have an event during this time, we must implement the below precautions. EVERYONE attending the festival must adhere to these guidelines or risk removal from the event without refund. 


If you are sick at all, STAY HOME!

MASKS ARE REQUIRED for entry and in any common areas. If you aren't with your group, wear a mask

CONCERT GROUNDS WILL BE SOCIALLY DISTANCED! The standing area directly in front of the stage will be boxed off with 8x8' boxes, all distanced from each other. These boxes are first come, first serve. One box per group, up to 6 people. DO NOT enter a box that is occupied. DO NOT attempt to take someone's box. AISLES ARE TO BE KEPT CLEAR. 

Behind the standing room area is to be setup similar to a drive-in movie theater. Park your off road vehicles in rows and enjoy the concert. 


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